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6. Dual Micro Repeater

Item Specification
Modulation Type GSM DCS
Down Link 20dBm 20dBm
Up Link 20dBm 20dBm
Gain Down Link 75dB 75dB
Up Link 75dB 75dB
Power Consumption 36W
Size 300mm×490mm×200mm
Service Coverage 660m2
  • GSM & DCS Repeater
  • Amplify predefined customizable band
    and minimize competitor’s signal or interference
  • Channel selection function
  • Auto Level Control function
  • Oscillation check function
  • LED display each band alarm
  • Solve coverage problems on a combination of GSM, DCS in area with high density traffic
  • Low cost solution
  • Installation: Hotel, In-building, Shopping mall, Underground lot