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RF Passive

6. N type Connector for Aluminum Feeder Cable

Technical Specification
Item 12NMA / 12NFA 22NMA / 22NFA 42NMA / 42NFA
Transmission Line Type Coaxial Cable
Cable Type 1/2 inch Aluminum 7/8 inch Aluminum 1-5/8 inch Aluminum
Mating Interface N-Type
Sealing Method Silicone O-Ring
Gender Male and Female
Material / Plating Outer
Conductor/ Coupling Nut
Brass / Three Material Alloy (Cu-Zn-Sn) / Ni
Material / Plating Center
Brass / Silver
Power return loss (VSWR) ≥26 dB (VSWR =1.1)
Insertion Loss ≤0.15
PIMD(20W X 2-tone) -155 dBc
Impedance 50 Ω
Insulation Resistance 5,000mΩ
Contact Resistance Inner Contact 1.5mΩ
Outer Contact 1.5mΩ
Coupling Nut Torque 0.68 ~ 1.13 Nm
Temperature Range -40 ~ + 85℃
Waterproof IP68