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3. Micro Digital ICS Repeater

Item Specification
Modulation Type CDMA or W-CDMA
Down Link 20dBm
Up Link 20dBm
Gain Down Link 85dB
Up Link 85dB
ICS Capacity Gain = Isolation + 15dB
Power Consumption 40W
Size Master 246mm×157mm×79mm
Slave 235mm×240mm×85mm
Service Coverage 660m2
  • CDMA or W-CDMA Repeater
  • In-Building ICS Repeater
  • Compact Size Antenna Built-in Repeater
  • High Performance ICS Repeater
  • Master & Slave
  • Tx/Rx High Isolation Antenna
  • Office, a large hostels can be installed on
  • Wireless SPI(Bluetooth, Zigbee)
    GUI(Graphic User Interface)
  • Designed Eco-friendly
  • NMS (Option)